Gold mirror

    220,00 240,00

    9FIVE unisex sunglasses, in gold metallic frame with pink gradient lenses and light gold mirror.

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  • sunglasses dolce gabbana dg 4399 911 6esunglasses dolce gabbana dg 4399 911 6e
    180,00 225,00

    Dolce & Gabbana women’s sunglasses, in Brown tortoise frame with gold gradient lens and gold mirror

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  • Men's Sunglasses SPY FLYNN 50/50 Q9S 047
    125,00 150,00

    Spy men’s sunglasses, in black matte frame with brown lens, gold mirror and happy lens technology.

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  • DISCORD MATTE BLACK GOLD SPECTRA 183119973417-0 Ανδρικά Γυαλιά ΗλίουΑνδρικά Γυαλιά Ηλίου SPY DISCORD MATTE BLACK GOLD SPECTRA 183119973417-7033
    125,00 149,00

    Spy men’s sunglasses,in vintage tortoise color frame .
    SPY+’s revolutionary therapeutic Happy™ lens tech is scientifically tuned to boost mood and alertness while enhancing color and contrast, providing a truly life-changing visual experience
    ARC® (Accurate Radius Curvature) polycarbonate lenses are tapered to follow the natural curvature of the eye, providing crystal-clear distortion-free vision while reducing eyestrain

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  • 110,00 160,00

    Ted Baker women’s sunglasses, in silver frame and gold mirrored lenses.

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  • 44,00 55,00

    Kid’s sunglasses,with pink matte flexible frame ,with grey polarised and gold mirrored lenses.

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  • 150,00

    Spy unisex snow goggles.In grey color and brown all weather lenses with light silver mirror.
    It has also an extra antifog-yellow mask .

    The Woot combines progressive design, technology, and durability into one comfortable, all-mountain goggle. With Scoop™ vents that increase airflow to decrease sweat and fogging, the Woot keeps you shouting for more—more powder, more corduroy, more everything.
    Custom built from durable, flexible polyurethane for seasons of use
    Features the Scoop® ventilation system that increases airflow and decreases fog-causing sweat and moisture
    Anti-fog cylindrical dual-lens with anti-scratch protection for added optical clarity and impact protection
    Ergonomic Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece
    Silicone-ribbed strap prevents the goggle from slipping on your helmet or headwear
    100% UV protection shields your eyes from powerful, harmful high-altitude sun
    Compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet

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  • 265,00 330,00

    Jimmy Choo women’s sunglasses, in black frame and gray gradient lens with gold mirror.

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  • 285,00 356,00

    Gucci women’s sunglasses, in brown tortoise frame and brown lens.

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  • 290,00 363,00

    Dunhill men’s sunglasses, in black frame and brown lens.

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  • 113,00 142,00

    Γυναικείο γυαλί ηλίου Ralph Lauren, σε μαύρο σκελετό με γκρι φακό κ χρυσό καθρέφτη.

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  • EMPORIO ARMANI EA 2070 3001/7D-0EMPORIO ARMANI EA 2070 3001/7D-7481
    171,00 214,00
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  • 170,00 346,00

    Prada Women’s sunglasses ,with gold frame and gold mirrored mask

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