The optical shop active in the optical since 2008. It is a modern center of optical applications of high standards and aesthetic space, where you can find a wide variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses from the leading optical companies.

In our efforts to identify and ensure the store as a scientific center to correct refractive problems, we have machines optometry, art.

Following an ever evolving process and fixing frames in modern market standards, we and the creation of our online store. Our goal is excellent service each customer, offering quality products at the best prices!

In our store you will find:


  • The new collections optical frames and sunglasses
  • Large variety of contact lenses and contact lens liquids
  • Kids glasses and sunglasses
  • Collection of vintage sunglasses
  • Masks swimming and diving with special corrective lenses
  • Large variety of colored contact lenses

Our shop is equipped to provide services that will meet your every need for your eyesight.